PIT (Primary Integration Training)

For men who have completed a NWTA weekend.

Primary Integration Training or ‘PIT’ is one of MKP's greatest strengths.  In the PIT, we learn key skills - life skills and awareness of the four archetypes (lover, warrior, magician, sovereign) - that carry through to the I-Groups and into most men’s lives.   We also learn many of the processes used in MKP work.

This program forms a vital bridge between the NWTA weekend and the on-going I-Group work that most men step into – which  are the foundation stones of our community.

At its heart, the power of the PIT is that it gives men the skill and confidence to start making the principles of MKP really work in their own lives in an ongoing and lasting way.

There is no PIT scheduled for Victoria at this stage.

Dates: Nothing scheduled at this stage.