Men's testimonials

What do men say about the New Warrior Training Adventure?

"MKP was a life-changing experience for me.  I considered myself to be fairly tuned-in to my emotional side relative to other men, but the New Warrior Training Adventure enabled me to uncover and let live, an aspect of myself I knew I had been repressing my entire life.  For me, the real journey is only just beginning.  I believe all men need to do MKP (or something similar), as this kind of work has changed the way I live, father, relate to other men and relate to women.  I believe this kind of work will change the world.  Thank you MKP for creating the space and the process for a boy to become a man."
Jamin Heppell, Social Entrepreneur, aged 25, Melbourne, Victoria.

"I walk differently after the New Warrior Training Adventure. I lost a lot of old dead weight, the anchors and masks of old ways of thinking, barriers that were in the way of being and living in connection with others and the world. I found brothers to share the journey with, and elders and guides to light the way. I walk taller, able to be seen, with the courage to make mistakes, and able to be honest and open with others about myself. The experience is unique, yet universal. I encourage all men to experience it."
Francis Handy, Conflict Management Consultant, aged 55, Camberwell, Victoria.

"At the New Warrior Training Adventure I exposed something more true and authentic within me, to the other men and ultimately to myself... because of the other men (both other initiates and staff/guides) and their courage, vulnerability, transparency, love and innate (true) strength I found a more real and powerful, and deeply loving self... I really didn't know this place; I thought I did, but this was and is something much more profound than I've ever experienced and witness with myself.  A truer man is emerging... and the capacity to love and live more deeply and passionately is birthing.  What I witnessed in the other initiates and the staff men really is beyond words... but in an attempt, here are some... 'profound courage, love, commitment, strength, vulnerability, responsibility, generosity, deep care, brotherhood, authenticity'.  The journey was what I truly needed... I heartily recommend this adventure. With love and respect."
Mark Joseph, aged 45, musician, transpersonal counsellor, Melbourne, Victoria.

"As a single man logistically I had the time for NWTA, many of the other participants with children or business roles of significant responsibility had a lot more on their plate but still made it happen, for themselves and for me.   All the men who I took this journey with were refreshed and empowered by this deeply rewarding experience.   I encourage anyone considering it to take the pledge dive in and know for themselves what this unique & valuable organization is all about."
Aged 35, Melbourne, Victoria.

"After the New Warrior Training Adventure i enjoy a new confidence. Previously i had so many roles to play in others games, i had lost direction and the will to bother. This was eroding my integrity and purpose. I have realised as a man, i have one role and that is to be real. Due to my uncertainty in confidence what i needed to be a man i remained lost. In the New Warrior Training Adventure i found self permission to be my own man and now have many new friends to journey with. I am extraordinarily grateful for the encouragement i needed to get here, as i now find so much more to look forward to by enjoying my new Now."
Richard Healey, aged 36, Direct Support Disability Work, Melbourne, Victoria.

"All the answers to all the questions I asked, I have received gratefully. I know my mission. I know my purpose. Thank you to the New Warrior Training Adventure. My personal mantra has for a long time been: honesty & loyalty. The initiation reinforced my truth. If you want to see ahead with clarity and joy, stand on my shoulders as I have stood and still stand on the shoulders of others. I am here for my fellow men always. The Mankind Project is valuable and more than you can imagine. My masculine journey continues."
Danny Horse, aged 61, Professional Comedian, Gold Coast, Queensland.

"My experience of the New Warrior Training felt natural. The induction removed any distractions and cleared the way to full concentration and receptiveness that allowed me to absorb processes, retain learnings and give honest reactions.

Like a number of other men there, I thought I arrived thinking I knew what I was trying to 'fix'. Only later did I discover a far deeper-rooted issue, expertly brought to light by intuitive processes that helped me to both discover and dislodge the rotten core I had been carrying around in my gut all these years.

The lightness that accompanies such a discovery is indescribable: Suffice to say, I see my world differently today. The poison within that undermined my confidence and made me feel unworthy has been drawn.  I now feel clear; able to move forward and keep growing, knowing that I have brothers all over the world who have experience similar epiphanies - and more brothers who I hope to point in the same direction."
Asset Manager, aged 48, Adelaide, South Australia.

"Anxiety, social pressure, fear of losing my status were the terrors I used to face. The New Warrior Training Adventure helped me connect with my inner self. It opened me the door of manhood and authenticity. My ego is maturing day by day, I don’t strive to be the best but rather be who I am. I connect with men open mind and feel grateful to be in that space. The community created by the Mankind project is fantastic: great men for a great purpose… The journey continues…"
Sylvain Eymard, aged 30.

"At the New Warrior Training Adventure I found the missing piece of the puzzle of my life as a man and it is truly awesome. Before, I was burdened by responsibility I had taken on by trying lead the life I thought my father should have led. I was trying to fix 'his mess'. I was very angry about this but couldn't find a way out.  Since experiencing the strong and caring masculine path which I have discovered through participating in the Mankind Project, I have unburdened myself, and I lead my own life. I am happier in my life and enjoy the company of men a lot more. I also found a community where I can continue my growth as a man for as long as I want."
Renewable energy consultant, aged 38, Melbourne, Victoria.

"The NWTA weekend that I recently completed was unlike anything I'd ever experienced before. Initially I was so hesitant and resistant to having to pay a lot of money to experience what I'd heard from other men was an amazing and life-changing experience. But I took a leap of faith into the unknown. I felt called. I just knew I had to do it, despite my uncertainty and doubt. And so I made it happen for myself.

I now see the weekend as having been an absolutely invaluable experience, one that I will never be able to repeat or duplicate. It was unique. It was a rite of passage. A moment in time that will for the rest of my life remain etched in my heart. I was welcomed into a tribe of beautiful, grounded, loving men, who accepted me for who I was, and who gave me loving nudges to push me against my boundaries, and show me that I could grow beyond them. To show me that I am more capable than I once thought; more loving than I once felt.

My partner has also been gifted by my taking this journey. I returned home after the weekend with so much love, clarity and awareness. She was quite blown away at how simultaneously tender and strong I was with her . I brought home with me a new connection to a brotherhood of loving men, and she felt the love and support of that brotherhood through me.

I gave myself one of the greatest gifts I have ever given myself by signing up for the NWTA weekend, and I now have a greater support network than I ever have before; a brotherhood of men who really look out for each other, and who all want the best for each other and themselves.

I would recommend this weekend to any man who feels a calling. You won't regret it."
Cain Aselman