Men's growth weekend - NWTA

We are running an NWTA training in Victoria from Friday 9 to Sunday 11 June 2023. Details below.

You can register for it here or explore the Mankind Project Australia website, or contact us.

The New Warrior Training Adventure - What is it?

Over 56,000 men worldwide have participated in this powerful, life-changing 48 hour experience.  NWTA training is a weekend of training, facilitated by experienced leaders and elders.  Often it involves 30-40 men, assisted by as many men who return as staff.  Ongoing support and growth afterwards is enabled by small, local, peer-facilitated iGroups.

The NWTA involves men helping men to:

  • be active, energetic, compassionate
  • support, nurture other men
  • "own my feelings and challenge the things that hold me back from being the man I want to be".

Why ‘warrior’?

Our society more than ever needs men who work actively for our community and environment, but can no longer afford the old style warrior’s aggression and competition. The warrior gets things done. The new warrior acts with compassion, accountability, and integrity, and works to own his internal shadows that might limit his functioning or deflect his energies in unproductive ways.  He allows support from other men.

What about women?

After a NWTA training, women often describe with delight the new strength, energy, and clarity their partner has, along with a new ability to own things going on inside them, and a new strength to hear other people’s feelings and perspectives.

There is a related training for women called Woman Within

Explore further:

  • Ring our enrolment coordinator Peter on 0407 196 669 or email:  enrol "at"
  • Attend an information night
  • Attend a mens open circle
  • Have further questions? Fill in an enquiry form: contact us

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