Men's groups - 'iGroups'

Note: 'iGroups' are for men who have completed the NWTA training. See also the Open circles page. 

The Mankind Project involves men's groups called iGroups (Integration Groups). An iGroup is a peer-facilitated meeting where men hone the skills and tools to be better fathers, husbands, partners, friends and global citizens.  iGroups are places where men integrate their new skills, experiences, and perspectives in their lives often first explored during a NWTA weekend.

An iGroup is a small group of men who gather on a regular basis, forming an intimate, safe circle where men may share their deepest, darkest shadows, and their wildest joys.

Confidentiality is sacrosanct: nothing spoken in iGroups may be shared, except a man can of course talk about his own experience, thoughts, and feelings.

Men often say their iGroup is the only time and place they have in their lives where they feel safe enough and supported when speaking openly and honestly about what’s going on for them, without fear of rejection or judgment. Close to 10,000 men sit in iGroups regularly around the world.  There are no membership fees, though men are asked for a donation of $5 to $10 per night that to cover venue costs.  The value you get from continuing the journey is priceless!

iGroup members often support and challenge other men within an iGroup to go deeper with their “work”, in ways which often lead to previously unidentified or unrecognized sources or triggers, so that a man may work on whatever it may be that might be holding him back from being who he is born to be..

Due to the individual personalities and needs of the group, there are unique qualities for each iGroup, and each man is invited to find an iGroup which suits him.  No man has to continue with the NWTA work, or attend iGroups.  Within an iGroup each process is voluntary, and a man can stop coming to iGroup whenever he likes.

However, if the time comes in the future and he needs help, he will always be welcome back.

His brothers will be there.

iGroup Dates Please see the Calendar

Kulin (Fitzroy) iGroup Eastern (Belgrave) iGroup Peninsula
(Mt Martha / Mornington) iGroup
Coburg iGroup Gardenvale iGroup Torquay/Geelong (Surf coast) iGroup
Tuesdays Wednesdays Wednesdays Wednesdays Thursdays Fridays
6:45 PM 7:00 PM 6.45 pm 6.30 pm 7:00 PM 6:00 PM

There are currently 6 iGroups in Victoria

*See the Calendar page for meeting dates and locations.  Map

Note: Some are open to newcomers, call to enquire.

Gardenvale iGroup - Ring Peter: 0407 196 669. Meets every 2 weeks on Thursdays at 108 Gardenvale Rd, Gardenvale. The Gardenvale Men's Open Circle operates on the intervening Thursdays*.

Kulin (Fitzroy) iGroup - Ring Demian: 0468 309 863. Meets every 2 weeks on Tuesdays at 250 George St, Fitzroy.  All meetings are open, but ring Demian first.

Eastern iGroup, Upwey - Ring Paul on 0401 783 682. Meetings at Upwey Township Hall - ring Paul for dates.

Coburg iGroup - Ring Tim: 0409 007 396. Meets every 2 weeks on Wednesdays at 104A Reynard St, Coburg 3058.

Mornington Peninsula iGroup - Ring Chris Wynne   0400-614065  or Andrew Green 0412-586931. Meets every 2 weeks on Wednesdays at Main Creek Rd, Main Ridge, Victoria 3928.

Torquay/Geelong iGroup - Ring Matt: 0412 249 706 . Meets every 3 weeks on a Friday.