MKP Vic LT1 and community gathering weekend

Date: Thursday 12 to Sunday 15 April, 2018.

Logistics:  We will be gathering at a property in Fernhill, near Woodend, sleeping in tents out in the bush, gathering around a fire.  Meals will be provided.


You are invited to come camp from Thurs 12th onwards. If arriving Thursday, any time is OK to rock up, morning afternoon or evening. Set up camp, circle round a fire and relax for the evening.
Community processes start Friday morning. The men of MKP Victoria are holding a community circle process at 10am on Friday to which every MKP man in Victoria is invited.
There may be space for other processes the community members request and create.
Arrive in good time. Allow plenty of time to settle into the land.


Men are required to be on site by 5 pm Friday 13 April for the LT1 training. 

The LT1 is an amazing MKP Leadership Training which looks at creating safe and strong containers within the Community. The aim is to strengthen our own leadership skills and strengthen the leadership skills of our Community.

The LT1 workshop is subtitled "the container of leadership". It focuses on growing the deeper skills most useful for building strong, reliable and safe containers at a number of levels - personal, interpersonal and at community levels.

Areas explored in the workshop are to naturally trust:

  • safety, integrity and vulnerability
  • together with generosity, emotional intelligence and spiritual intelligence

This promises to be an extraordinary weekend, facilitated by top MKP Leaders from around Australia.

Cost of weekend: $250.

The fee for the LT1 weekend is subsidised by MKP Victoria as a give back to its members - the cost for a LT1 weekend elsewhere in Australia, is normally substantially higher.

Registration for LT1 and Community Weekend

Step 1: Register here

Step 2: Payment

You can use the form below to pay, you do not need to use a PayPal account.

Name of man participating:

Please contact us if you have any queries:

  • Michael Best - White Eagle - 0410 507 133
  • Jonathan Levin - Soaring Eagle- 0407 834 790