Compassionate Leadership Workshop

How can we more fully embody the archetype of the king in our connection with other men and our community?  See Compassionate Leadership 24-25 June 2017 Leaflet

This workshop is for men who:

  1. Value a thriving, connected community of men, who care about the growth and expansion of MKP.
  2. Want to find a common ground upon which to stand, to resolve conflicts that arise between men.
  3. Want a simple process that will support connection with people they love – whether that be in community, at home and/or at work.
  4. Are interested in shifting their orientation from the “power over” paradigm to the “power with” paradigm”.

Facilitator: Alistair McKinnon, assisted by Ed Pertl and Demian Natakhan

NOTE: This is a new training created by men who have completed the New Warrior Training Adventure, for participation by other men within the MKP network.

This is a Mankind Project Victoria event and is not endorsed or approved by Mankind Project Australia or Mankind Project International.

The training material is offered as a template available for other MKP communities to use.

To apply:

Step 1: Email Demian  Natakhan - demian.natakhan (at)
AND: Pay as below (opens in a new window). You do not need to have a PayPal account.

Compassionate leadership workshop
Name of applicant

How would you like to  be able to stand side by side other men in your community in full acknowledgment of differences and yet bound by a shared reality of care, compassion and connection with each other?

Would you like  to be able to explore your vulnerable edges and be held in a very safe space knowing that you won’t be judged?

Do you struggle with conditioned patterns of leadership that have you slip back into a “power over” relationship with those you lead – that perhaps works in the short term, but seems to unravel in the longer term?

Would you like to develop your skills as a facilitator?

Introducing a TWO day workshop that will explore:

What it is that creates real and authentic connection between men (and women)?

How we create disconnection with our speaking, without even realising it.

What are the origins of disconnection and how can we bring a deeper level of awareness that will make a sustainable change to the way we interact?

How can we reduce the fear of conflict so we are not living focusing on avoiding it

What is “Compassionate Leadership” and why is it the way forward for the future of our families, organisations, institutions and the planet?

What “go to” systems can we create to dissolve conflict that allow everyone to be heard and for everyone’s needs to matter?

What wisdom from traditional societies can we draw on to maintain a functioning community where men have an ongoing safe place to be accepted and heard?

Who is this workshop for?

It’s for Men who:

  1. Value authentic and real connection in the heart with other men.
  2. Value a thriving, connected community of men, who care about the growth and expansion of the Mankind Project (MKP).
  3. Feel bewildered and confused by conflict that seems to spiral out of control.
  4. Want to find a common ground upon which to stand, to resolve conflicts.
  5. Want a simple process that will support connection with people they love – whether that be in community, at home and/or at work.
  6. Are interested in shifting away from the “power over” paradigm to the “power with” paradigm – so that everyone wins.

Why is this workshop needed?

Even in self-development communities, conflicts arise and manifest in ways that make it tougher to access the connection and sense of community that is so important for a thriving circle such as MKP. When conflicts arise the clearing process is available to use and yet sometimes the challenges continue.

Within the male psyche there lies a deeply embedded thinking process that is founded on the differences between us, and the tendency to create moralistic judgments of others. “I’m right, you’re wrong”, “I’m good, you’re bad”, “I’m a free thinker, you’re opinionated”, “I’m over here, you’re over there”, “I know, you don’t”.

Within these thinking patterns is a loss of connection that exists beneath all moralistic judgements and if we can access the deeper connection point, we have a methodology that will transform our personal relationships and our community for the better.

The Workshop itself

The workshop will be designed around the “power with” model as a working example of how Compassionate Leadership can be applied.

You will be shown a universally applicable framework that will contribute to your capacities to lead, not just within your community as a facilitator of MKP processes, but also in your intimate relationships, with your children and other significant relationships in your life.

Structured over two days, the workshop will incorporate methodologies and processes that are used all over the world to nurture relationships and dissolve conflicts.

The workshop may be challenging, it may be uncomfortable, and you will be fully supported.

Program Outline:

Day One:             Identifying why we so easily disconnect

Identifying the fundamental drivers of human behaviour

Exploring how this insight may significantly change your leadership style

Exploring the art of self compassion and how that contributes to leadership

Exploring a  way of relating  to others that creates more connection to get things done.

Day Two:             The art of observation and how it contributes to leadership

The art of making powerful requests to get things done – in a “power with” way

Conflict resolution – mediation using “power with” strategies

Putting it all together – where to from here...

Price: $295  (for both days), $150 concession, repeats and for men travelling from outside Victoria

Price includes a comprehensive workbook folder.

Location: 108 Gardenvale Road, Gardenvale Victoria.


About the Trainer

Alistair McKinnon:

I attended the MKP NWTA program in August 2014 and since moving to the Northern Rivers in 2015 has participated in the Goonengerry iGroup when time and schedule permits.

For more than 20 years, I have delivered trainings and coaching in meditation, leadership, parenting, relationships and communication, and have facilitated  spiritual unfolding and personal growth for many people.

Over the last five years I have studied and trained others in Compassionate Nonviolent Communication and have recently been recommended for certification by the Centre for Nonviolent Communication in the US. I am also in the final stages of qualifying as a teacher of Focusing – a body-centred psychotherapeutic healing modality.

At the Minto National Gathering for MKP in 2016, I facilitated a 6-hour process of restorative mediation that contributed significantly to the resolution of an organisational conflict and helped create a context for re-shaping of the organisation to better hear the voice of its members. I was able to do this by simply applying what I have learned about Compassionate Leadership. You can learn this skill by coming to this weekend.

I am passionate about the power  of compassion to transform both our inner experience and our relationship with others, including in moments of conflict. I believe it has a largely untapped potential to contribute to a much needed expression of leadership in our families, organisations, institutions and our society.

Compassionate leadership workshop
Name of applicant


  • 9:15 for 9:30am start
  • 9:30am - 5pm Saturday 24 June
  • 9:30am – 5pm Sunday 25 June


  • $295 for both days
  • $150 for men traveling from outside Victoria


108 Gardenvale Road, Gardenvale VIC.
Sandringham train line, Gardenvale Stop.


Demian  Natakhan 0468 309 863   
demian.natakhan (at)