Men's training after the NWTA

Going further...

Come to the MKPVic Community Camp 17-19 November 2017

As well as iGroups, there are various other training workshops that a man can attend to help him participate and facilitate in iGroups and NWTA weekends.

The trainings below are run by facilitators highly experienced in the Mankind Project processes, some having participated in over 50 NWTA weekends and other trainings.  Most are run over a weekend, though some run one night per week over many weeks. 

Primary Integration Training (PIT) which serves to help understand and apply the processes experienced in an NWTA or iGroup. Once the skills learned in PIT are understood, they become “tools” which serve men as they continue along their personal journey.

Staff Training 1-2 (ST1 and ST2) prepare men to understand the processes employed in an NWTA, the archetypes they are based on, the flow of energy in the weekend, and to assist in the staffing of an NWTA.  

Leader Training 1-3 (LT1, LT2, and LT3) further develop skills in facilitating the processes and extending them to leading an NWTA weekend.

Next training is Friday 13 to Sunday 15 April.  Details and booking here

Understanding Power, Privilege, and Diversity (UPP&D) 

The aim of this program is to allow people to examine and understand the concepts and skills of what creates and divides communities. The program outlines the impact of personal and social identity, rank, power and privilege on the dynamics of belonging within a community. The crossroads that we face in our relationships and community life, those moments which can make or break a connection, are often centred on issues of power, privilege and diversity. An awareness of our own power and privilege, as well an understanding of the underlying dynamics of rank and oppression can make a difference to the outcome.

Next training is 17-18 March 2018.  Details and booking here

Compassionate leadership workshop (not an official Mankind Project event) See details here

For men who have done the NWTA weekend, you can log in to the Mankind Project international site here: